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Two slaves Caroline and Alice (Caroline, Alice) Amateurs, Lesbian [DVDRip] ModelNatalya94

Two slaves Caroline and Alice (Caroline, Alice) Amateurs, Lesbian [DVDRip] ModelNatalya94

Cast: Caroline, Alice
Genre: Scat, Amateurs, Lesbian
Duration: 00:12:13

Me and Olga decided to teach naughty our friends Caroline and Alice, we stripped them completely and brought to the room first we forced their slaves to crawl around the room cancer on her knees naked to show you their white salnity, after the demonstration I ordered their slaves Carolina caress me fuck his tongue, and Olga ordered her to caress her ass, Alice climbed tongue right into the very depths of the ass Olga and Olga ordered her to open her mouth, Alice opens her mouth and Olga Alice shit right in the mouth, Yes mouth full of shit Alice, I also want to use the toilet and I order my slave Caroline to fondle my ass I turn back to face Carolina and Carolina sticks its tongue down my ass, Yes, but I can’t hold shit and I’m ordering Carolina to open your mouth and also shitting Carolina right in the mouth. The body of Caroline dripping the shit, Olga takes the rubber cock and with a rubber member pushes the shit in your mouth Alice, I want and I take the rubber cock and also pushed into the mouth Carolina shit, after we have used rubber member and shit their slaves into the mouth, I was ordered to get cancer Carolina and Alice and Caroline caressed his tongue dirty ass Alice, our female slaves perform all what we have to say, after fondling the anus, I ordered Caroline to stand up and Alice to sit on my lap, and I say Carolina to Carolina on Ssali on the naked body of Alice, Caroline pisses on his girlfriend wow how is it Courtauld this is a show of two obedient slaves, this is a very hot video and we wish you pleasant viewing!

Quality: DVDRip
Resolution: AVC, 1920x1080, 25.000 Fps, 13.3 Mb/s
Format: mp4
Size: 1.16 GB

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Category: Scat Movies
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