Rubber Shit Clinic (Chris-Extreme, 2 Male Patients) Scat, Pissing, Rubber [SD] Hightide

SHOWERED IN SHIT (CHRIS-EXTREME) Fetish, Extreme [SD] Hightide-Video
Member Request (Tima) Domination, Handjob [SD] Chris-Extreme
Moni (Tima) Blowjob, Amateur [SD] Chris-Extreme
Morning Turd (Tima) Human Toilet, Solo [SD] Chris-Extreme
Dirty Toilet (Tima) Pantyhose, Solo [SD] Chris-Extreme
Dutch Amateurs (Tima) Sex Shit, Eating [SD] Chris-Extreme
TOTAL SCAT (Chris-Extreme, Prettylisa, 2 Males) Human Toilet, Sex Scat [SD] Hightide-Video
THE DIRTY ANGEL (Chris-Extreme, 1 Male) Scat, Humiliation [SD] Hightide-Video
CHRIS-EXTREME and PRETTY LISA - TOTAL SCAT 2 (Chris-Extreme, Prettylisa, 4 Males) All Sex, Shitting [DVDRip] Hightide-Video
Chris-Extreme VOMITORIUM SCAT (Chris-Extreme, two Males) Scat, Urin drink, Vomit [DVDRip] Hightide-Video
Chris & Tima - Brown Orgies (Chris-Extreme) Scat Latex, Humiliation, United Kingdom [DVDRip]